Chef Luca Galli

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Chef Luca Galli

Eating is not just a vital function: it is one of life’s great pleasures! Food is the celebration of taste and at the same time an element of sociality and conviviality. Food is passion and no one knows it better than Luca, who based his work and his life on this passion, successfully launching two of the most popular restaurants in Livigno: il Camino Restaurant, managed from 2012 to 2020 (period in which participated in the program 4 restaurants) and La Pòsa. Since 2021, together with the hotel, it has also taken over the restaurant of the Hotel Galli Il Cenacolo.

“We could define ours as a modern Alpine cuisine: simple, genuine and traditional. At the base of everything there are quality raw materials, always favoring typical local products, because only starting from the best can we cook at high levels. Every dish and every flavor is the result of research aimed not only at enhancing the culinary aspect, but also at protecting and updating products, traditions and techniques that are at risk of disappearing.”

My roots sink here where traditions are alive and nature still expresses itself freely in its being. The soul of my kitchen are the raw materials that are born and grow on the same land on which I took my first steps barefoot. Simplicity, genuineness and satisfying effort, the beautiful one you feel when you give your best and live to the fullest, this my little Tibet gave and still gives me.

I believe that taste is the result of a mystical and secret dance where perfumes, colours, flavors and textures challenge each other in search of a sacred balance. What I look for in my dishes is simplicity and that touch of madness that makes them more fun and provocative. I like to play, amaze, but above all give pleasant moments to those who taste my creations

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